Tetragon Solutions has over 40 years of experience in the Portfolio Analytics field. We have helped develop, implement, and support solutions for over 500 clients. We engage in consulting projects where our experience with Research, Development, Client Service, Product Management, Project Management, Marketing, and Operations can be leveraged. The capabilities we have have extensive experience include Performance Attribution, Risk Management, Optimization, Characteristics Reporting, Stress Testing, Scenario Analysis, Compliance, and Simulation. We have worked on projects related to both single and multi asset class portfolios covering all mandates, strategies, and geographies. We are also very familiar with the derivative strategies employed by investment industry. The types of clients we have worked with include Investment Managers, Pension Plans, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Endowment Funds, Foundations, Central Banks, Portfolio Analytics providers, and Investment Consultants.

Tetragon’s approach is to apply its analytics knowledge, practical experience, and method of thought to the challenges you face. Our process involves combining our capabilities and experience with that of our clients in order to achieve results that would not otherwise be possible. We emphasize creative, outside of the box thinking and extensive collaboration. The result is that you and your team are able to more easily identify and navigate the key aspects of delivering results for your organization.