Human Capital

Optimize the deployment of resources to reach your goals.


It is important to understand how current access to Human Capital aligns with your overall strategy.

How is my Human Capital impacting my organization's progress? What are my options for filling gaps? How long will new efforts related to expanding Human Capital take and what will they cost?

Tetragon Solutions will help you identify and assess the key elements of Human Capital required for you to meet your goals.

Our involvement in the assessment process will aim to incorporate many different perspectives and provide an extremely thorough and insightful basis for your decision making.


Training is instrumental in addressing gaps in Human Capital.

What opportunities exist for the development of my employees? Do I have well established plans that are specific to groups and individuals? What is the best process for monitoring the development of human capital and how do I reconcile this with my organization's needs?

Tetragon solutions will help uncover, evaluate, and implement options for developing Human Capital.

We will work with you in designing a process that is specific to your organization. This will include determining possible actions and identifying the most important criteria to be used in a comprehensive evaluation. Once a plan has been established we can help implement the agreed upon measures resulting in the more effectively targeted development of Human Capital.


In today’s competitive environment, organizations must pay special attention to Recruitment.

How do I become more effective in my recruiting efforts? How do I insure that these efforts maximize the value to all stakeholders? What is the best way for me to insure that my new hires have the skills that will help my organization reach its strategic goals? How do I allocate resources to hiring without losing focus on the other key aspects of achieving success?

Tetragon Solutions can help you establish a recruiting plan based on your needs.

This service is tailored to an organizations specific circumstances and can include designing job descriptions, determining the best sources for candidates, assisting with candidate screening, and consulting on the interview process. The result of leveraging Tetragon Solutions is an updated recruiting process that meets current needs and challenges and results in greater success.


The opportunities for outsourcing Human Capital are growing rapidly in tandem with the trend toward horizontal integration.

What opportunities exist for outsourcing? How do I identify areas where outsourcing is the best option? How can I expand capabilities through outsourcing while reducing cost?

Tetragon Solutions will help you uncover and implement creative outsourcing solutions.

We can collaborate with you to evaluate the options that best fit your strategic needs, develop implementation plans, and carry out the necessary steps to ensure that your outsourcing project is a success.