Intellectual Property

Acquire and integrate the Research, Methodologies, Systems, and Data required to carry out your strategic plan.

Needs Assessment

The analytics requirements of an organization are complex, evolve over time, and must be continually reassessed.

How do I understand what the needs are from various perspectives? How do I prioritize these needs? What are the commonalities between the needs of the various groups? What will the needs of my constituents be in 5 or 10 years?

Tetragon Solutions will help you develop a clear understanding of the Investment Analytics needs of your constituents.

Using a thorough process, we will document current and future needs in a manner that will provide the most insight. In cases where multiple parties are involved, we will summarize requirements to achieve a broader understanding of the role of analytics within your organization and provide the best actionable intelligence.

Build vs Buy

Given today's opportunities for horizontal integration, an organization will achieve its goals more effectively and efficiently if it exhaustively evaluates the suitability of internally developing capabilities vs. integrating those of an external entity.

How does an organization create best in breed capabilities? What are the core competencies that can leveraged? What are the benefits of developing Intellectual Property internally vs. obtaining it externally? What is the difference in the cost? What are the risks?

Tetragon Solutions will help you understand the different options for obtaining Intellectual Property given the needs of your constituents.

We will examine the benefits, costs, and risks of using internally and externally developed Intellectual Property by engaging in a dedicated process that relies on detailed discussions and analysis and will lead to more robust decision making.


Acquiring external capabilities in a manner that maximizes value requires a substantial effort.

With which organization do I contract with to satisfy requirements? How do I minimize costs while maximizing benefits? How do I evaluate external vendors and insure the I will have access to the capabilities and service level that will help me achieve my objectives?

Tetragon Solutions will provide procurement assistance based on your needs and goals. This service can consist of RFP process development and administration, vendor search, vendor assessment, and due diligence.

We will help you employ unique perspectives and leverage additional external resources to minimize the disruption of a procurement process and work across functional and divisional boundaries to achieve the best outcome for your organization


Providing capabilities across an organization can be challenging. The needs of stakeholder groups and those of the organization must be considered in concert to maximize the benefit of combining efforts.

What is the best approach when there are overlapping analytics needs? Are there opportunities to build capabilities through additional collaboration? How can cost be reduced? How will your firm adapt its analytics capabilities in the face of organizational change?

Tetragon Solutions helps you evaluate opportunities for consolidating your analytics capabilities. Consolidation can result in faster progress towards strategic objectives, lower costs and improved capabilities. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all aspects of consolidation are considered.


The process of executing a plan and seeing it through to completion is an integral part of the race to increase stakeholder value.

What are the key aspects of the project that will define success? Is the project plan well thought out? What are the key milestones? How should the effort be managed? What are the Quality Assurance needs? How should the key aspect of the implementation be communicated internally and externally?

Tetragon Solutions can help plan and manage projects or provide resources to more effectively implement your strategic vision. We can take on a project in its entirety or be involved in specific components such as Design, Marketing, Quality Assurance, Communications, Project Management, and Training.

We will help you evaluate how our resources can collaborate with those you already have access to in order for you to achieve the greatest benefit. After agreeing upon the scope and process for our involvement our third party resources will work with you closely until your goals and objectives have been realized.