Establish objectives for your portfolio analytics team and develop the best plan for achieving them.


In today’s market, we see an increasing complexity of portfolio analytics requirements, greater technological innovation and increased merger activity among analytics providers. These developments require a nimbler approach to planning efforts.

What are the benefits of portfolio analytics to your organization? What are the best ways to continue to build and leverage your analytics capabilities? How does what you are doing relate to what others are doing in the market and how do you develop a plan that maximizes shareholder value given the current and future landscape?

Tetragon Solutions provides a full suite of tailored Strategic Services aimed at helping you build a best in breed analytics capability. We leverage a variety of perspectives and experiences to help you establish objectives and create a plan to meet your goals.

We combine traditional tools such as Core Competency Assessment, SWOT Evaluation, Competitor and Market Analysis, Strategic Review, and ROI Computation and with our own proprietary tools to deliver significant value to your organization.

Functional Development and Integration

The trend towards higher levels of specialization results in the need for a broad and cross-functional perspective when planning initiatives. Technological advancement is accelerating the move away from vertical integration to a more horizontally focused approach where the best capabilities available can be combined to add significantly more value. This evolutionary change requires a plan for each functional area within an organization with a renewed focus on cross-functional experience and collaboration.

Are the strategic objectives related to portfolio analytics defined for each part of your organization? Does each group have a clear plan that will result in the realization of your strategic goals? How do you bring efforts in Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Technology, Servicing, and Operations together to maximize the value your organization receives from its Portfolio Analytics capability?

Tetragon Solutions can help you develop cross-functional thinking and leverage the unique skills that your organization possesses in order to achieve your objectives by applying its experience to your unique circumstances.

We will assist you in examining the role and interaction of each value chain contributor and establishing a plan to enhance your success. The scope of our involvement will vary depending on specific needs. We can advise on an individual function that a client would like to focus on or contribute to a more comprehensive approach.

Risk Assessment

The dynamic nature of the portfolio management industry requires a deep understanding of the risks that may present themselves in delivering and utilizing analytics capabilities.

What are the most significant risks related to your analytics capability? How do you assess these risks? What are the new risks that will emerge as the industry evolves?

Tetragon Solutions will help you identify and evaluate your risks including those related to your strategy, plans, models, vendors, operations, systems, and data. We’ll help you document the possible impact of these risks and provide a detailed assessment of the most significant risks.

Contingency Planning

In order to successfully grow your relationships with constituents and clients you must have a plan in place for when risk becomes reality.

What actions do you take when industry developments interfere with your strategy, critical resources are no longer available, internal systems fail, or external providers discontinue services?

Tetragon Solutions will help you ensure that clearly established plans are in place for possible contingencies.

We will work with your organization to determine and assess the options for mitigating risks by employing a framework that considers all of the relevant criteria.