Problem Solving

Identify, evaluate, and resolve issues
effectively and efficiently.

Problem Definition and Impact Assessment

Successful problem solving begins with a thorough diagnosis.

How do you assess and communicate about problems that arise? Do you understand both upstream and downstream implications? How can you be more effective and efficient identifying, understanding, and resolving problems?

Tetragon Solutions can guide you in developing a more universal understanding of problems.

Our cross-functional perspective can help you fully understand the root cause of a problem and its impact on the various parties.

Solution Identification and Evaluation

Encouraging creative thought and increasing collaboration will allow you to identify solutions and evaluate options in a broad and meaningful context.

Have you considered all of the options? Which solution best satisfies your organization’s needs? What is the cost of implementing each solution? Are there options that may have peripheral benefits? What are the risks?

Tetragon Solutions will help you make informed decisions based on a thorough understanding of all the alternatives.

Our process involves combining our specialized analytics resources and unique creative thought with your own capabilities and experiences to bring quick and effective solutions to bear on the problems that are impeding your progress.


Assembling and managing the additional resources that are required to realize a solution to a problem can be challenging.

How do I manage the resolution of a specific problem? What resources do I need and how do I obtain them? How do I implement a solution most efficiently? What communications and updates do I need to provide to my organization and external constituents?

Tetragon Solutions can advise on the implementation of problem solving initiatives or take on the responsibility for Project Management or other efforts required to achieve success.

After agreeing on the scope and process for our involvement we will begin working with your teams. Our resources will work with you closely until your goals and objectives have been realized.